Check out all the cool things you can do!

  • Relax, kick back, and catch up with your friends. You’ll be surprised at all the people you can meet by doing absolutely nothing.
  • Race your Superbike on the open road, surf the skies on a Hoverboard, or sign up your crew for some paintball madness.
  • Check out the fashions from some of the hottest new designers, or grab some friends and go bargain-hunting at the auctions.
  • Hit the local clubs—or just walk around and you’ll meet new people everywhere you go! You can make new friends every day.
  • Decorate your dream home, design your own fashion line, or create a super-cool ride that gets everybody’s head turning.
  • Get a personal guide to show you around, or just freestyle and go exploring on your own. The world is full of hidden surprises!
  • Meet a friend for some mellow do-nothing time. It doesn't matter that you're 1000 miles away from each other, now you can enjoy the same scene and share the moment together.
  • Rock out at a masquerade ball, dress up for a formal, or kick up your feet at a private party with some of your favorite friends.
  • If you've got an eye for style and a need for speed, fasten your seatbelt. Club Scion is about to put your life in the fast lane!
  • Deal out a game of ‘holdem, hearts, gin, spades, or motu-motu and see how many fun-loving card sharks you can shuffle into your life.
  • Design your own fashions, customize gear, or totally trick out a Buggy or Hoverboard. Then turn around and sell them for Therebucks!
  • Get incredible deals on clothes, jet packs, pets, and everything else your heart desires. Or live it up and buy an entire neighborhood!
  • Be your own architect <em>and</em> interior decorator, choose the perfect furniture, patio knick knacks, exotic plants, and more to turn your house into a dream home.
  • Think up the craziest themes and have a par-tay! In <em>There</em> getting your friends together was never easier.
  • Drop in and show your high-flying skills at Coca Cola’s Skate Park. It’s definitely one of the coolest outdoor hangouts in-world.
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Be A People Magnet

Relax, kick back, and catch up with your friends. You’ll be surprised at all the people you can meet by doing absolutely nothing.

Come On In!

There is everything you’ve ever imagined and wished for. It’s the place you’ve dreamed about; it’s all the good things in life, and if you can’t find them, you can make them. It’s a place where your spirit can soar and you can fly—literally.

There is a place where you look on the outside the way you look on the inside. Feeling awesome today? You can look awesome. Feeling like you want to make some heads snap around? You can look knock-down gorgeous or totally buff. Best of all, everyone is friendly. They’re either an old friend, a new friend, or a friend waiting to be made.

It’s a great place to meet up when you’re ready to move beyond posting pictures, but not able to hop on a plane. Plus, you don’t have to get blisters on your fingers. You can use Voice and talk like you really talk. Whisper, chuckle, sneeze, or laugh. ThereVoice lets you say what you really want to say.

Sign up now. Membership is only $10 a month! Come see for yourself what all the excitement's about.