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The Developer Program offers great opportunities for both new and experienced designers. It allows you to design, build, distribute, and sell your own custom products for use in-world. Once an item has been approved through our submission process, you  can list it in There’s auctions and sell it to other members for the world currency, Therebucks. The Program offers three Developer Toolkits for users with different levels of design experience:

StyleMaker Toolkit

Allows anyone to quickly and easily create custom clothing, even if you have little or no design experience.

Painter ToolKit

Using this tool with a paint program like Photoshop, you can create new "paintjobs" for furniture, Buggies, and other existing objects in There.

Builder ToolKit

More advanced Developers can use this tool with 3D modeling software—like GMAX—to make brand new 3D models.

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