It's Easy To Be Creative

These are some of the more frequently asked questions we get from our members. What are you waiting for? We can't wait to buy your fabulous creations!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got a great idea for There. Are there any guidelines for submissions?

Of course! But they’re fairly obvious. Every new item is reviewed by our Submissions Team to make sure that they’re free of any copyright issues, that they conform to all technical requirements, and that they’re appropriate for the community.

What’s considered inappropriate?

There is a world where every place is open to every member. Because there are no “adults only” areas, we have to maintain a level of standards that recognizes our general audience membership. Here are some examples:
• No nudity: All avatars must conform to Minimum Coverage Requirements.
• No nude artwork: All artwork must also comply with these requirements.
• No sexually offensive or overly suggestive material.
• No material generally considered to be disgusting or offensive.
• No language or visual artwork that can be interpreted as a personal attack.
• No language that would be considered inappropriate or offensive.
• No material that depicts or implies acts of gratuitous violence.
• No depictions of blood and gore, particularly on clothing items and vehicles.
• No references to illegal narcotics, particularly marijuana.
• No objects that can be used to cause problems or harass other members.
• No objects that depict alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or other weapons.

What are the Minimum Coverage Requirements?

There’s a feature called Fig Leaf in our Stylemaker Developer Tool that lets you preview your submissions to see whether or not they’re within guidelines. This is the same feature used by the Submissions Team at There, so you can quickly see whether or not your item will pass before you make a submission and pay a submission fee.

What are the technical requirements?

The complete list of technical requirements is in the Painter and Builder Kit documentation. But, in general, you need to make sure that:
• No textures are smaller or larger than what’s required by the product type.
• No textures are in the wrong file format.
• No textures are incorrectly bound to the model they’re submitted with.
• No data is incomplete (for example, one or more missing textures).
• The model’s root node or dummy object is within the bounding box.
• The model’s within budget requirements (for example, not too many polygons).
• The model does not cause a predefined in-world behavior to stop working.
• All elements are permitted within the properties of the submitted product type.

What kind of hardware and software do I need to be a There Developer?

In order to use any of our three Developer Toolkits, you’ll need a paint program that can save files in JPEG format. Examples include Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, or Microsoft Paint. If you’re an advanced designer and want to use the Builder Toolkits, you’ll need to use Discreet/Autodesk's gmax or 3DS Max 3D modeling packages to create 3D models.

I've never created 3D models before. Can I use the Builder Toolkits?

If you're just starting, it's best to familiarize yourself with the basics of your 3D modeling software first. In fact, if you're a brand new designer, you may find it easier to start with the Stylemaker and Painter Toolkits, which allow you to customize pre-existing models.

How much does it cost to submit products?

There are two types of fees: a one-time submission fee and a wholesale fee, which ranges from approximately US$.015 to US$10.00, depending on the type of item being submitted. You can view a list of submission fees on the Price List page. By the way, you should know that these fees have been structured in such a way that any designer who sells ten copies of their design will easily cover all submission costs, plus make a profit.

How do I make money as a There Developer?

Developers generate Therebucks by creating popular designs and then selling them to other members for a profit. There are currently three ways to sell copies of your design to other members:
• Fixed-Price Auctions
• Direct Member-to-Member Sales
• Regular Auctions

How does the Fixed-Price Auction work?

Selling items at a Fixed-Price Auction is the easiest way to make Therebucks. Simply select the number of copies you'd like to put up for sale and determine your asking price. You’ll only be charged the auction listing fee and the wholesale price once a copy has sold. Whatever you charge above the wholesale price is yours to keep as profit.

How do I sell member-to-member?

That’s easy. Just keep the products you design in your inventory. Any items in your inventory can be sold directly to people. Just find a buyer, agree on a price, and use the Give/Receive function to make the trade.