Do You Know Where...

Let your imagination wander and lose yourself in our cities, tropical beaches, fantasy forests, dramatic desert dunes, resort towns, ancient ruins, rain-drenched volcano craters and even outer space.

There are hundreds of locations in our world for you to share and to discover. Follow our hints for fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go on a Quest

Go on a Quest
Quests in There are as exciting as they sound! They’re a series of connected links that take you on an adventure, tell you a story, play a game with you, or give you a puzzle to solve. The links are often located in various parts of There, so you also have the challenge of finding the clues as well as reading and solving them.

Find a Quest
Some Tour Quests are set up at the travel centers on Paiz, Zona, and Fisher Islands. These are good ones to start with. There’s also a quest at the Fisher Island Quest Tower, and many can be found in the Adventure Quest Club at Kantana Point.

Get Started
Quest clues all have Action Tags for you to click. Just choose the View option. If you click on the first clue of the Quest, you’ll be given some information and a clue to find your next station. On many Quests, you’ll have to put an answer in the blank provided before more information is given to you. If you don’t see a blank, scroll the page down a bit. If you miss the answer, don’t worry -- you can try again. If you happen to click a clue other than the first one, you’ll be prompted to teleport to the start of the Quest.

Win a Prize
The individual Quest makers decide if they want to award a prize or not for a particular Quest. However, if there are prizes, you’re usually informed of that on the first clue. But the best part of going on a Quest is enjoying the hunt either alone or with the help of your friends!

Stay Connected
If you’re invited to a Quest event and have to leave for some reason, the Zone may give you a warning that you’ll be removed from the event. Don’t worry! You’re still on the Quest as long as your name is on the Participation Link on the Quest Kit. To learn more and get Quest event invitations, join the Adventure Quest Club or Right Foot Questing .

Make Your Own Quest
You can purchase a Quest Kit at Shop Central. These kits are equipped to create ten stations. Once you have the Quest Kit, find it in your inventory and take out the first clue. Use the Edit feature to complete each clue. The Participation List will allow you to follow the progress of the Questers sharing in your adventure. So pick up a kit, use your imagination, and have fun!

Explore with a Hoverboat

Get Started
Grab a group of friends for a pleasure cruise on one of the most comfortable, enjoyable rides in There! The Hoverboat is a five-person vehicle that lets you hang out while you're on the move. Perfect for tours and parties, you can borrow a Hoverboat from a friend, or you can get one of your own in Shop Central.

Take Your Hoverboat Out
Once you have your Hoverboat, it’ll appear in your My Things menu, which you can access at the bottom of your screen. To bring your Hoverboat out into the world, choose My Things, find the Hoverboat in your list of items, and then select Take Out.

Hop In
Once you’ve taken out your Hoverboat, click its Action Tag and you’ll see several choices. If you’re going to pilot the Hoverboat, click Drive and your avatar will hop into the driver’s seat. If you’re with friends and someone else is going to handle the driving, select one of the other seats. You can sit in the front or back and choose either the right or left side.

Pilot Your Hoverboat
The person in the driver's seat controls the movement and speed of the Hoverboat. Controlling a Hoverboat is easy! And whenever you pilot a Hoverboat, you build up your Boat Captain Skill. Here are a few things for pilots to know:

  • You can use either Standard or Action Mode to control your Hoverboat.
  • Hoverboats go at several speeds that are controlled with the Up Arrow.
  • Hold the Up Arrow as you would a gas pedal. The Hoverboat will rise and start moving forward.
  • If you release the key, the Hoverboat slows down just as if you took your foot off the gas.
  • Pressing the Down Arrow slows down the speed and causes the Hoverboat to descend.
  • Holding the Down Arrow slams on the brakes.
  • In Standard Mode, pressing the Left and Right Arrows turns the Hoverboat.
  • In Action Mode, moving the mouse Left or Right also turns the Hoverboat.
  • Pressing the Up and Down Arrows at the same time causes the Hoverboat to rise, and rise, and rise.

How high will the Hoverboat go? Nobody knows!

Ride as a Passenger
While the driver controls the Hoverboat’s movement, there are also some things you can do as a passenger. For example, use the Left and Right Arrow keys to change your camera views and you can see the scenery and each other from different angles. This is a great way to get amazing aerial screenshots!

  • Pressing the Up Arrow zooms in.
  • Pressing the Down Arrow zooms out.
  • Pressing the Left and Right Arrows rotates the camera